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I really hope that [Julie's workshop] will be on offer often throughout the year as I would love for my whole team to experience this course - it was one of the best courses I have taken in my career. It was a great balance of overview and specific actions and the facilitator was dynamic and engaging. I wish it was mandatory for all public servants.


Julie delivered a memorable Keynote Presentation When Two Worlds Collide: Ethical Quirks and Quandaries in Research Involving Indigenous People, which not only set the tone to the whole conference, but also served as a foundation for the discussion of domestic and transnational aspects in the governance of knowledge production. Both visual and academic components of the presentation were equally impressive and helped to elevate the level of the conference and its global academic and regulatory impact. Julie’s formal and informal contribution to this academic event was twice as important – not only have (they) generously shared (their) in-depth knowledge of the governance of research involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada, but also served as an ambassador of Indigenous Peoples, their unique perspective and their socio-cultural expertise in the field of traditional and modern systems of knowledge, thus actively promoting an Indigenous viewpoint and enriching Canada’s approach to research and education.”


Julie has an exemplary history in both (their) leadership and academic achievement. (They) constantly demonstrated an open mind, a genuine character and a sincere desire to give back. (They) have already made many significant contributions and will undoubtedly continue to do so throughout (their) career. Julie has had experience in report writing for community-based organizations and has been commended by Aboriginal community leaders for (their) sensitivity in research and (their) ability to provide feedback to the community participants of research in a meaningful and accessible way. Likewise, (they) are increasingly invited around the world to discuss research methods and ethics for research involving Indigenous Peoples.


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