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projX prides itself in always evolving and exploring new opportunities and new ways of working with communities and organizations to bring their visions to life.


projX delivers education and facilitation products to support the applicaton of Indigenous research ethics.

We serve communities and universities, organizations and institutes. Please see a brief list of some of our work here. Connect with us if you think we are suitable to meet your challenge!

If you are a past client of projX and you have not yet completed one of our evaluation forms, please find the form here.

Facilitation, Training, and Coaching

projX meets people where they are at.

projX is all about learning from the people we meet. We share our expertise and learn along the way from the people we work with. This happens in all kinds of places like rural communities, universities, art galleries, or back alleys. We facilitate any combination of  planning, training, and coaching!

Include us in planning your next organizational or professional development upgrade.


projX aims to inspire and motivate audiences.

Delivering messages around Indigenous health, research ethics, leadership, and empowerment, projX tailors every talk specifically to a collaboratively identified audience. This means projX includes local and relevant content participants can use in their work/study/lives.


projX can deliver talks as an introduction to a workshop or as a stand-alone presentation. 

Research and Research Ethics

projX brings a knowledgable, seasoned, critical perspective.

projX people do community-based research with all kinds of communities. We know research; communities know their needs. Valuing local expertise, projX supports communities in their self-determined research journeys.

​projX uses collaborative and innovative approaches to tackle challenging research questions in ethical ways and we have fun doing it!

Strategic Content Development

projX works with you to identify and develop the content you need.

projX knows shifting priorities means there is not always time to develop strategic content. We can help develop and deliver your messaging 'out there': webpage content development, technical writing, report preparation, course development. 

Let's explore your strategic content needs and how we can c0-create your vision!

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