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how can we work together?

The consulting collective projX specializes in offering training and facilitating sessions to those seeking to be better humans. Started in 2016, projX evolved from founder Dr. Julie Bull’s scholarly work on Indigenous research, policy, and ethics. Julie brings their unique teaching style to projx—a style that bridges western and Indigenous ways of understanding the world using the lens of research, with a focus on social justice, and a sprinkling of East Coast humour. 

Based in Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island), projX works with clients all over the world at the systems-level to disrupt racist and discriminatory policies and practices.​


First, we’ll hop on a 20-min information-gathering call. I don’t charge for these exploration calls, as long as they are under 20 minutes. Based on this call, I’ll put together a custom plan for how I can work with you or your organization.


While every plan is specific to a group’s exact needs and state, generally speaking, here’s what working with me to improve your organization’s relationships looks like:


  • Staff professional development training: This is primarily an information-based, lecture-style session (but I make my lectures engaging, I promise….no snoozing off when I’m talking!). But even though it is information-based, I will cultivate and strengthen relationships. Be prepared to feel even more connected to your colleagues, in a way you may never have felt before. Past participants often tell me that the relationships strengthened during this training session have continued to last, even years later. Your staff will be provided with resources to continue their learning well after their session with me. I’ll also give homework and set out expectations for follow up.

  • Executive level training: The next step is to meet with your executives (a.k.a., the ones with the power to make decisions and implement change). While your staff are busy learning and doing their homework, you and I (and any other executives) will have a frank, heart-to-heart, identifying changes needed and creating an action plan to address these changes.

  • Follow-up workshop: After an identified period of time, I’ll meet with your staff again in a follow-up workshop, where we’ll discuss the homework they were given and ways that each person can implement their learning to create positive change. There will also naturally be more of that relationship-strengthening stuff I began in Step 1.


My process is not a “quick fix.” Aside from your financial investment, it also requires an investment of your time and energy and a commitment to follow-through on the work needed. It will involve a multi-step plan that typically takes years to work through. (Don’t let this overwhelm you—it’s taken us hundreds of years, after all, to get to where we are today)


Between awareness and action is learning, and it is this learning stage that is critical in effecting change.


So, yes, you will be working, but my process, when followed, is effective in creating sustainable, long term change that betters all humans.


I believe we can all be better humans, and I know that we can’t change the world all at once. It takes time. And it starts and ends with you. We may not be able to change the entire system tomorrow, but one person at a time, we can create the kind of change that has an authentic ,compassionate, and sustainable impact.


What you won’t get when you hire me to work with you:

  • Shame

  • Judgment

  • Short-cuts

  • Quick fixes

  • Excuses for maintaining the status quo

  • Lectures

  • Complex language and ideas you need a dictionary to decipher

  • Tissues (let’s focus on doing better, not on how awful we’ve been)


What you will get when you hire me to work with you:


  • Tangible ways you can do better

  • Humour

  • Someone to work with long term

  • An advisor 

  • Honest and hard truths

  • Quite likely a poem or two 

  • Understandable and relatable language and content

  • A call to action to solve broken relationships, misunderstandings, inequality, and injustice

  • An invitation to become part of the #DorkSports family

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