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SERVICES FOR creatives


I can facilitate creative workshops, specifically ones for poetry and spoken word art, both in an online format and in-person. I have experience working with groups of all sizes, and I’m an experienced and trained educator.


What to expect when you hire me as your facilitator: Don’t hire me if you want a hands-off, let’s-never-speak-again-after-this-event facilitator. When I’m invited into your group, I honour that invitation with respect. Expect pre-workshop planning, developed handouts, and idea sparks for continued connection and growth.


I’m a spoken word artist who has a message to share. Give me the stage for a powerful experience that goes beyond entertaining. I perform spoken-word poetry for adults of all backgrounds (sorry kiddos, I’m definitely rated PG-13). I can perform in blocks as short as 5 minutes or as your featured performer of up to an hour.


What to expect when you hire me to perform: If you’re seeking an entertainer who’ll have your audience in stitches, I’m probably not your best choice. Sure, I like to laugh and my art includes whimsy and humour, but my main goal through my performance art is to inspire, provoke thought, and instigate change. Your audience may not lose their breath from laughing, but they will remember both me and my words as they are propelled into action.

poet for hire

Where’s a good poet when you need one, am I right? I can’t tell you how often people have complained to me that they just can’t find a local poet to meet their poem-creation needs. Okay, that actually rarely happens, but little known fact about me: I’ve been hired numerous times to write obituaries. True story.


Whether you need a custom poem as a gift to someone special, words to memorialize a loved one, or just a creative way of organizing your grocery list, I can help you out.


What to expect when you hire me to write a poem for you: I’ll book a call with you to learn more about the specific ask and its purpose. If the poem is a gift for a loved one, I’ll take the time to dive into what emotions you want the receiver to feel, as well as any requests pertaining to subject matter, length, and poetic form. My preferred lead time is at least one month’s notice; however, please do contact me with your requests. Depending on my schedule, a faster turnaround time might be possible.


What to expect when you hire me to write an obituary:  If the poem is to honour someone who has passed away, I’ll ask you to tell me about the person and provide me with any special requests. I treat all custom poem requests with respect and consider it a special honour when asked to help memorialize someone. A note about timelines: I do recognize that it’s often difficult to predict when such a piece might be needed, and I will do my best to accommodate time-sensitive events such as funerals and newspaper notice.

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