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Unsure how I can help you create effective and sustainable change within both your organization and yourself? Let's hop on a call and chat.


I offer free 20-minute consultation calls, where you tell me about your organization, and I'll explain how I can work with you to improve relationships between Indigeneous and non-Indigenous people, all through a non-judgmental, compassionate but truthful lens. If your goal is to create an action plan for long term, sustainable change, I can help make that happen.


Creating sustainable impact by facilitating change

I offer coaching, training, and speaking services for academics, businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. I work with groups of all sizes, and I can deliver training in-person or online.

I work with anyone and any group who is ready and willing to change. That’s it—that’s the requirement. So, please only book me if you seek long-term change and are willing to be the change.

One thing you should know about me: I only work with people who are serious about wanting to change. If you’re simply looking to check off a box in your annual professional development to-do list, I don’t care how much money you have to invest, I’ll turn you down. I’m not in the business of working with the reconciliation-check-boxers. If you’re looking to have someone speak to your group as a one-off, Friday afternoon event where by Monday, everything discussed is forgotten about, please hire someone else.


BUT, if you’re seeking a different way and are committed to diving in, at the systems and individual level, to create more equity, raise awareness for justice issues, and really dig deep to see how you can DO better and BE better humans, I would love to work with you! 


Invest in a long-term process with life-changing impacts 

How many times have you participated in a professional development opportunity, found yourself energized and full of momentum to do something, only to have that energy fizzle out like a day 13 helium balloon? This happens so often, and that’s why my process is different. I’ve learned what works from participating in what doesn’t work. When you invite me in to work with your organization, I guarantee you’ll remember my name years later. That’s because we’re going to get to know each other quite well as we endeavour to #JustSuckLess. 


I’m an experienced and qualified speaker,  having presented at conferences and events all over the world.


Some of the topics I’ve been hired to speak on:


  • research ethics

  • research methods

  • data sovereignty

  • research ethics policy

  • data governance

  • Indigenous health

  • partnership and relationship building

  • community engagement

  • epistemological intersections

  • principles to practices in research

  • effective communication

  • co-learning and co-creation



My fee varies depending on such things as how long you wish me to speak for, the size of the audience, the amount of engagement/interaction you wish me to include, any desired follow-up, and location. 


I’m also a poet and  spoken word artist. If you’re looking to hire me as part of an entertainment line-up for your company or organization’s event, please visit here.


I offer ongoing coaching, training, and advisement services on a retainer basis for clients seeking more of a long-term relationship. Some of the ways I can help your organization in a retainer capacity include:


  • Document sensitivity reading through an Indigenous lens

  • Identifying needed policy and language updates

  • Training around appropriate language to use both when talking about Indigenous people and when talking to Indigenous people

  • Professional development training around specific topics

For all new retainer clients, I strongly recommend starting with my coaching services. However, I do review all requests on a case-by-case basis. Your exact pathway will be determined once we speak, and I have a clear understanding of how I can best help you.


I offer retainer packages to fit your need. 

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