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Julie Bull
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Speaker, writer,

scholar, and change-maker living on beautiful PEI or Epekwitk as it is known to the Mi'kmaq people, the original land keepers of PEI, Julie works

 all over Canada and 

the world. 

Julie Bull is a Southern Inuk researcher and educator. 

She is a member of NunatuKavut, Labrador. Raised in small (but big!) communities of Newfoundland and Labrador, she carries more than 15 years of professional and lived experience in leading and implementing community-based research at home in Labrador, across Canada, and around the world.


Her university education and academic training are interdisciplinary. Unable to 'pick a lane', Julie draws on an extensive knowledge base and reflects her learning journey in how she integrates concepts. Connecting aspects of philosophy, psychology, and health policy in her work that focuses on research ethics and methods for research involving Indigenous Peoples is a natural fit.


Julie is active in both academic and grassroots initiatives and worked in various capacities for a number of different organizations and institutions over the years. Always willing to share what she knows about working with communities, researchers, educators, and policy makers to implement wise research ethics practices for studies involving Indigenous people, Julie is an invited lecturer and speaker at many events throughout Canada and around the world.

Jann Ticknor


facilitator, agitator, warrior living in the

Dish with One Spoon Treaty Territory, Toronto, where the Haudenosaunee, 

Anishnaabe, and Missassaugas agreed to care for the

lands together.

Jann is a settler woman raised in southern Manitoba. 

She has ancestral ties to Scotland, England, and Wales. Raised in small communities in the south of Manitoba, she carries the teachings of 20 years of working with communities and implementing community-based research in urban communities as well as in rural and remote locations.


Trained in health promotion, Jann works in a variety of roles with a variety of communities. For most of 20 years, Jann contributed to the Indigenous response to HIV.  Her experience working in 'sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll' informs her ability to work with people, trauma, street scapes, and the resiliency of the human body.  


Jann supports communities in their research and grassroots initiatives and worked in various capacities for a number of different organizations and institutions over the years. Always willing to learn, she participates in ceremony and carries teachings as directed by the knowledge keepers and spiritual people she meets. She shares her learnings with those who are interested and  Jann supports community research and is a liaison between communities and institutions across Canada and as requested.