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The Buzz

The Buzz / Buzz PEI is Prince Edward Island’s Guide to What’s Going On featuring community events and local art, music, theatre, books, food & drink, film and more.

Julie will be a featured columnist with a focus on artists in PEI. Check out their articles on line and in the monthly printed magazine


Full list of publications can be found HERE

The Naalak Gathering:
A Regional Dialogue on Indigenous Research Governance
Used Books
Shifting Practise: Recognizing Indigenous Rights Holders in Research Ethics Review
Piles of Paper
Research with Aboriginal Peoples: Authentic Relationships as a Precursor to Ethical Research


Raw Talk Podcast #53: Indigenous perspectives on health
Leather Headphones
Rural Roots Podcast S2E2: Indigenous and rural research ethics
Radio show microphones
native currents: a critical look at what's happening in indian country | Episode 121
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